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FREE IT Recycling for Schools, Businesses & Household

Reasons to recycle with Clarkson’s Computers:

Where do we cover 

​We cover most places in west Yorkshire 

Securely Handled

Clarkson’s Computers understands the importance of data security and therefore Once collected, equipment is never left unattended and is transported in our vehicles until it reaches our processing facility, where equipment is processed for disposal immediately upon arrival.

Hard Disk Wiping

All hard drives collected by Clarkson’s Computers are wiped as part of our standard recycling process. Where we are Using one of the best data wiping software tools on the market.


Once processing is complete, a certificate is provided to show that all equipment has been disposed of This certificate includes a detailed audit of items collected documenting the make, model, and the serial number of each device, along with confirmation of the data destruction method.

We ensure all your IT equipment is safely transported, secured, and logged. This level of processing is designed to give you confidence that we're committed to the correct disposal of your redundant IT equipment.

Some of the items we take

  • Desktop Computers

  • Thin Client Terminals

  • Computer Monitors

  • Laptops and Netbooks

  • Servers

  • Tablets

  • Mobile and Smart Phones

  • Projectors

  • Amplifiers and Speakers

  • Network Hubs, Switches and Firewalls

  • Televisions and Display Panels

  • And everything else IT related

Request a Collection

Certificates of data wipe can be provided if you require them

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