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Warranty: 90-day hardware warranty (no warranty on batteries or misuse)

Batteries are tested for 30 minutes on standby. Batteries are not covered in the warranty as they are classed as consumable and deteriorate over time, it is up to the customer to replace them, for instance, it is like changing the oil in a car over time. The same applies to chargers. Due to the nature of drives and storage media, data loss and recovery are not covered nor can we be held liable for it. It is the user’s reasonability to keep up-to-date backups of their important data, as it’s common knowledge that data drives can be unreliable at times, meaning that the danger of data loss is always a possibility. However, we’ll act in good faith and attempt to recover data where possible. In the worst-case scenario, the laptop will get a new or refurbished drive replacement with a fresh Windows installation on it. The laptop must only be repaired by us. Any third-party or DIY repairs will void the warranty, so please make use of it by contacting us when an issue occurs! Our laptop Repair Or Replace warranty only covers non-accidental damage that naturally occurs through the course of normal use. It does not cover theft or physical damage done to the laptop.

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