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A technician carefully working on an open computer tower, with various tools and components spread out on a workbench. The te
  • Operating System Repair & Install

  • Virus / Malware / Ransomware

  • Windows Password Removal

  • Networking Issues

  • Overheating Issues

  • Power Loss Diagnosis

Desktop PC Support & Repairs

 technician diligently working on an open laptop, using precision tools to fix or replace internal components. The workbench
  • Liquid Damage Diagnosis & Repair

  • Virus / Malware / Ransomware

  • Windows / BIOS Password Removal

  • Screen Replacement

  • Charging Port Issues

  • Overheating Issues

  • Power Loss Diagnosis

Laptop Support & Repairs

Hardware / E-Waste Recycling

A pile of old and unused computer components, including towers, monitors, keyboards, and cables, ready for recycling. The ima
  • Data wipe certificates provided 

  • Networking Equipment

  • Desktop PC & Laptops 

  • Servers 

  • Monitors & Peripherals

  • Hard Drives & Storage Media

Hardware & Software Upgrades

  • Processors & Motherboard

  • Memory & Storage Devices

  • Graphic Cards & Add-on Cards

  • Processor & Case Cooling

  • Microsoft Office

  • Home & Business Internet Security

A technician installing new hardware components into a computer tower, such as a graphics card, RAM modules, or a solid-state

Custom PC Computer Building

 A high-performance gaming PC setup featuring a powerful tower with colorful LED lighting, a large monitor displaying immersi
  • Custom Built Gaming PCs

  • Home & Office PCs

  • Upto 5 Years Warranty on Hardware

  • Hardware Upgrades of existing PC

Refurbished Device Sales

  • Refurbished Office PCs

  • Refurbished Gaming PCs

  • Windows Laptops

A display of laptops and desktop computers arranged neatly in a retail store or showroom, showcasing a variety of brands, mod
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